7 Effective Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, refers to a situation when your blood pressure remains consistently high. If the blood pressure remains higher than the normal levels, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and various other health-related problems. The exact causes of hypertension are unknown but there are varied factors and conditions responsible for its development such as-





    Sleep Apnea

    Family history of blood pressure

    Chronic kidney disease 

Now, that you are aware of the blood pressure and its causes, let us shift our attention towards knowing 7 effective natural ways to lower down the blood pressure.

Reduce The Salt Intake

Well, salt is not the actual problem, but its chemical component – sodium. If you are consuming small quantity, it won’t harm you, but too much sodium tends to disturb the fluid balance in the body. There is a need to flush out the excess salt present in the body and it is done by drawing water from the nearby tissues. If there is higher volume of liquid, the heart will have to make extra efforts in order to pump the blood and it eventually results in high blood pressure.

Eat Berries

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Blueberries really help curb the high blood pressure. It contains natural plant compounds such as polyphenols and pterostilbene, they prove beneficial for your heart. Various studies have even highlighted antihypertensive property of blueberries. It really helps in stimulating the production of nitric oxide that further helps in dilating the blood vessels, hence lowering the blood pressure naturally.

Blueberries are also a source of fructose; it reduces the blood pressure but at the same time also increases the sugar level. If you are consuming a cup of blueberries, then you are consuming 1 ½ teaspoon of sugar, so make sure you don’t overeat berries.

Eat Garlic

This acrid seasoning is capable of doing more than just adding flavor to your food. Garlic is responsible for controlling high blood pressure. As per a research, it has been proved that it can cut down the diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Garlic mainly assist in dilating the blood vessels in the body, which further helps in reducing the blood pressure. Garlic is known to have a compound known as Adenosine, a muscle relaxant and helps in vasodilation. So, whether you are consuming in raw form or cooked form, rest assured it will prove beneficial for your blood pressure. As per experts, if you are consuming raw form, it benefits faster. Garlic can reduce cholesterol as well. 

Limit Alcohol Use

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Regular intake of alcohol can raise your blood pressure. As per a survey, alcohol is the main reason for the rising blood pressure cases across the world. It is advisable to limit your alcohol intake, men should not take more than two drinks per day and for women they should limit themselves to only one drink per day. In case of women, daily alcohol use increases the risk of breast cancer.

Increase Your Potassium Intake 

Potassium is a key element and various high-potassium foods such as –  Avocado & melon negate the effects of sodium and offer protection against high blood pressure. Try coconut water and bananas, they are rich in potassium. If you crave drinking something sweet, then coconut water is the best choice you can make. You can also include coconut water in your smoothie in the morning, this will fulfill your low potassium levels and bring down high blood pressure as well. 

Follow Regular Exercise Schedule
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Along with taking extra care of your diet, make sure you are also following a regular exercise schedule. Exercising gives you extra energy and undoubtedly one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. It is not mandatory to join a gym, make sure you follow three basic types of exercise –

    Stretching will make you feel flexible and it also helps in preventing any injury.

    Aerobics can also help in lowering your blood pressure and it is good for your heart’s health. 

    With the help of strength training, you can help build strong muscles and you also get to burn more calories throughout the day. 

Manage Stress

Like mentioned above, stress is responsible for high blood pressure. As per the experts, when you are stressed, you have faster heart rate along with constricted blood vessels. But, the good part is that the stress can be managed. Managing stress is not a rocket science, all you need to do the following things –

    Listen to soothing and soft music.

    Try to work less.

    Exercise regularly.

    Eat healthy food.

    Try meditation and yoga.

    Spend some relaxing time with your friends and family members.

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